Paper Presentation


1. Maximum participants in a  Team.
2. Total 12mins- split into 10mins & 2mins for paper presentation & questions by  judges respectively.
3. Teams should register before 21th  22nd February 2012, and submit their abstracts to the respective co-ordinators .
(The co-ordinators’ details will be provided in the Contact US page )
4. Participants must carry 3 hard copies on the day of the event.
5. The papers to be in 2007 MS-OFFICE version & format of IEEE.

The judging criteria is not on the topics but would be selected on the basis of
the contents & its effective application related to it particular trends.
5. The registration fee per team is Rs.200/-
6. The team should submit the presentation 24 Hours before the commencement of the event either through e-mail or personally.
7.  One from the team should operate the slide show. This person is not allowed to speak on the stage.



Submit your abstract here :

  1. Arun D says:

    can u tell me when is the last date for submitting the paper and for enrollment

  2. vaishnavi says:

    what are the topics for paper presentation?

  3. arvind says:

    topics please

  4. kruthi says:

    wat does rule 7 tell exactly?? d person who’s operating d slide slow is not allowed on d stage for d complete presentation or for only while he/she is working on it?

    • Karthik V U says:

      First thing, how can he/she be on the stage if tat person is operating the slide show? So, it obviously means, throughout the presentation, that person shall not present the paper on the stage…

  5. kruthi says:

    wat I meant was… can d team members take turns in presenting? like d first half being presented by one member while d other operates d comp and vice versa?

  6. vaishnavi says:

    is 21st the last date to submit abstract?

  7. Vinay says:

    can i send the PDF or word for abstract ?cos pasting is not serving my purpose.and i have some problems please do contact me as soon as possible 9964653329.i am from ksit

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